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ARTPASS Website Terms

1. At the Beginning


Please read ARTPASS Website Terms (the “Terms”) before using the Website ( the “Site”) and use only if you agree to the Terms.


Please understand that the contents of these Terms are subject to change without notice by DO CREATION CO.LTD. (“our company”).


When you sign up for Membership or use other services, please check these Terms in advance.



2. Prohibitions


The following conducts are prohibited in using Site.


Conduct that infringes on property or privacy of companies related alliances or third parties, or that has the risk leading to infringe on them.


Any action or fear of harm or damage to our company or third party or ARTPASS Service that we provide.


Conduct contrary to public order and morals or that is in danger of doing so.


Actions that may lead to or has the risk leading to crimes.


Conduct that is for sale or profit or is intended to prepare for it.


The act of falsely declaring of filing a notification, such as registering another person’s e-mail address.


Use or provide harmful programs such as computer viruses.


Actions that violate the laws or regulations, or actions that has the risk.


Any actions that are deemed inappropriate by DO CREATION.



When DO CREATION find the above prohibited conducts, the information registered for Membership or for using other Services may be deleted without prior notice by DO CREATION, however, our company is not obliged to monitor the Site constantly.



3. Copyright


Since copyright and other rights related to the information posted on the Site belong to DO CREATION or right holder who approved the use of DO CREATION, you may not use it, distribute it for commercial purposes, or reuse it including copying, tampering and reprinting, without permission beyond what is permitted by law, such as private use. 


When DO CREATION send you e-mail, we also own all copyrights in the context, and it shall not be repurposed or reprinted. 


We appreciate for your understanding in advance that DO CREATION shall be free to use and secondary use information provided to Site, such as inquiries and views, information written to Site bulletin board, information provided through responses to surveys, campaigns etc. without notice except relating to personal information.  Also, if the content sent to Site contains technical information, specification, idea etc., DO CREATION shall be free to use it for any purpose.



Trademark used in Site belongs to DO CREATION or to a right holder permitting DO CREATION to use and it shall not be used without permission.  



4. DO CRATION’s Liability Limitations


All the information posted on Site is created and managed carefully by DO CREATION, however, there is no guarantee of its accuracy or completeness.


DO CREATION may suspend or discontinue Site operation without prior notice, also may make changes to any part or all of information posted.


DO CREATION takes no responsibility for any damage caused by your using Site or your failure to use Site for any reason, any damage caused by a third party to write data, gain unauthorized access, speak, or send e-mail, including any damage to users caused by user-to-user problems.



5. Handling of Personal Information


DO CREATION promises to handle personal information appropriately in accordance with Privacy Policy.


DO CREATION Privacy Policy:  



6. Recommended Environment


The following environment is recommended when viewing the Site. Some of 

Site may not be available outside of the recommended environment. 


・Windows (10 or later) Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox

・Mac OSX (10.13 or later) Safari

・iOS (11 or later) Safari

・Android (8 or later) Google Chrome



7. Link Site


DO CREATION takes no responsibility for any damages caused by the contents of third-party’s website linked to this Site (“Link Site”) and damages resulting from 

using Link Site.


Some contents of website, such as against to public order and morals, linked to this Site and some linking methods, whether in advance or after, may be declined to link.



8. Cookie


In Site, technology called “cookie” may be used to the following purposes.


To make it more convenient when you access the Site again.

To measure and analyze usage of Site.


When you visit contents that publish cookies, a cookie is recorded on your computer, but the recorded information does not contain any personal identifiable information.


You may also refuse to accept cookie by changing your browser settings yourself. In this case, some of the Sites may not be available.



9. Governing Law and Jurisdiction


The interpretation and operation of Site and Terms shall be governed by the laws of   Japan.


For any disputes related to Site and Terms shall be settled in the District Court of Tokyo.


・Web Analysis Tool


Some of Site uses a web analysis tool “Analytics” in order to make you easier to use and provide useful information services. For more information on Private Policy of Analytics, please visit the following websites.

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