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We will help you as a foundation to support art and culture for connecting it to the future.


The total support service for Museum / Exhibition

Organizers can use our service either comprehensive support

or selected services that are necessary in your business.


Event management

Art related business

System development

“ARTPASS” is a system service established by a project that contains three different specialized filed, such as companies with history and achievements in art-related businesses, companies with history and achievements in event management, and companies with achievements to develop system to manage large-scale hotel reservations.

With the abundant knowledge and experience of each companies, we have  developed a system service that meets the complex and diverse needs for exhibition nd museum organizers. We offer useful services which can be utilized with the COVID-19 related  circumstances and even as well as the operation for the post COVID-19 situation.



Time system visitor system

ART PASS allows you to sell timed tickets and controls the number of visitors per hour. In addition to admission management, exit management allows you to grasp the number of people staying in real time and grasp the congestion situation.



Audio guide

This is a voice guide service that visitors can listen to on their own smartphones without using a dedicated voice guide device. Many visitors can enjoy the audio guide of the exhibition commentary.



EC site

You can create and edit the official exhibition catalog (catalog). Not only can it be used as academic material, but we will also create a memorable book that will be a good memory for those who visit the exhibition.


Secretariat opened

Staff provided

Although it is a system that recommends non-contact, we will provide staff during the session to support visitors on the day of the event and to support visitors such as entrance / exit management. We will also open a secretariat and accept reservations at the call center for those who do not have a smartphone.

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